Aims and objectives of PAWO

The aim of the Pan African Women’s Organisation is to Unite all African women’s organizations to allow an exchange of points of view and to undertake joint action; promote human rights with a view to eliminating any form of discrimination, irrespective of birth, race, religion or sex; support political, economic and social liberation of the African Continent in order to contribute to the progress of its peoples through a conscious, real and constant action; ensure full integration of women in economic and social development, so as to accelerate the promotion of African women so they can achieve full development; promote through friendship, understanding and cooperation an effective unity between African states; establish lasting relations of friendship and cooperation between women in Africa and throughout the world; fight against poverty and disease, especially HIV/AIDS.

At its founding the objectives of PAWO were defined as:

  • To prosecute the struggle for recognition and application of the right of African women to participate in decision making in the fields of political, economic, cultural and social life, both at national and international levels and particularly, to be able to express their opinion in bills envisaging the welfare of women and children before debated in parliament.
  • To follow up the evolution and to contribute to the improvement of the situation of African women by collecting that on the economic, political and socio-cultural aspects, on women and children in member countries and disseminate the results of research undertaken in these fields by PAWO or by member countries through documents and through the existing media;
  • Support action was taken at national and international levels aimed at eliminating flagrant violation of human rights; * To support governments in the protection of Africa in all aspects;
  • To promote the effective unity among African states through friendship and co-operation;
  • To establish continuous relations of friendship and co-operation between Africa and women all over the world; and * To support the internal co-operation and participate in all activities for disarmament and reinforcement of peace worldwide.” With various issues affecting women throughout the African continent, the organization aims to solve political, economic, social and cultural problems of women in Africa.