Through PAWO, there have been some notable achievements and/or successes in the following areas:

  • A significant rise in the awareness of women in the area of positive contribution to the struggle for national liberation and in national development;
  • In May 1958, the Congress of the International Democratic Federation took place in Vienna in Austria where all the continents of the world where represented in this meeting.
  • Considering a large number of participants, the organizers then created continental group divisions.
  • The African group named Conference of African Women (CAW) was designated to the association and it was decided that the consultative general assembly in Dar es Salaam from 27th to 31st July 1962.
  • In the constitution of the AWC in 1962 the first acting General Secretariat comprised Mrs Jeanne Martin Cisse of Guinea who became 1st  Secretary-General and Mrs Diallo Virginie Camara who was the Treasurer General