1. Aoua Keita, 1912-1980, Mali, First President of PAWO. Freedom fighter under the RDA and first female MP in her country

2. Adelaide Tambo (1929-2007) South Africa, Represented ANC Women’s league at Dares Salaam 1962

3. Putuse Appolos (1930-1986) Namibia /South Africa. Represented SWAPO women at Dar es Salaam founding conference. Later worked in the PAWO Algiers office for over 14 years. Died in Zambia in exile her remains were later repatriated to Namibia

4. Bibi Titi Mohamed (1926-2000) Tanzania. Leader of UWT, women’s league of the ruling Party TANU, Organizing committee of the founding conference in 1962

5. Betty Kaunda (1928-2012) Zambia. Represented UNIP women’ league and chaired the 1962 Conference. Was later First Lady of Zambia (1964-1991)

6.Angie Brooks (1928-2007) Liberia. Represented her country at the Dar es Salaam conference. Later became the first African woman to preside over the United Nations General Assembly 24th Session 1969 and only one of four women to do so in the 76-year history of the UN.

7. Jeanne Martin Cisse (1926-2017) Guinea. First PAWO Secretary General .Worked with members of the Ghana-Guinea-Ghana Women’s Committee and other colleagues in the run up to the Dar es Salaam founding conference. First woman in the history of the UN to chair the Security Council in November 1972.

8. Margaret Wambui Kenyatta (1928-2017) Kenya, Attended WIDF Conference in Vienna in 1958 at which 5 African women decided to set up their own continental organization. Attended Dar Conference. Was later the first African woman Mayor of Nairobi and her country’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Programme today known as UN Environment.

9. Radhia Haddad (1922-2003).From the National Union of Tunisian Women, a noted militant for girls’ education having been forced to drop out of school at the age of 12.

10. Ms.Judith (Yodit) Imru(?-2007). Ethiopia. Diplomat at her country’s UN Mission from the early 50’sand later Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs.

11. Jeanne Gervais (1922-2012).Côte d’Ivoire. A teacher and education inspector by profession .Was a PAWO founder in 1962.Participated in Women’s protest March in December 1949 at Grand Bassam. Member of Parliament later first woman Cabinet Minister in her country

12.Ida Victorine Ngampolo (born in 1952-Congo-Brazzaville).Led Congo delegation to Dar es Salaam .Served as Assistant Secretary General in Algiers and organized 10th anniversary festivities in 1972.Was later Head of the Congo Red Cross ,MD of MTN Congo and now Mayor of the Brazzaville borough of Djiri .

13.Trénou Marguerite Thompson (1921-2008).Togo. Originally a teacher and Principal of the Rufisque Normal School for girls, she later trained as a lawyer and was Togo’s first woman advocate graduating from Abidjan in 1971.She was called to the Bar in 1972 and served as Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Director of the National Social Security Fund and elected to Parliament as one of 6 women in 1979.

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