PAWO FOUNDING MOTHERS THAT ATTENDED LAUNCH IN TANZANIA IN 1962 1. Aoua Keita, 1912-1980, Mali, First President […]
PAWO headquarters – South Africa West and Central Africa – Mali Eastern Africa Region – Tanzania North […]
 Vision A continent that is ideologically and patriotically unified, secure, independent, economically self-reliant and sustaining itself in […]
The main achievement that PAWO contributed to was the total decolonization of Africa around the 60s and […]
To mobilize and register members using all possible means and systems to sensitize, train and develop women […]
Background The Pan African Women’s Organization was founded in Dar es Salaam in what was then Tanganyika […]


  1. Peace & Security
  2. Agriculture & Environment
  3. Water Sourcing, Construction & Management
  4. Education and Health
  5. Women Empowerment & Gender Parity
  6. Support of the Implementation of Government Programs
  7. Maintaining and reviving Regional Cooperation and integration where need be embedding Patriotic Pan African Ideologies in all we do.

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